Camp Laundry--It's the worst

Summer Camp! Cabins, Lake Water, Camp Fires, Bug Juice! Ahhhh! These are powerful memories in the making and we love that our kids can have this experience. But, we hate Camp Laundry. Washing, folding, packing, checklists. Then, we are so happy to see the kids again, but ICK! Their clothes and linens come back after a week or two and we don't even like to bring the bags in the house.

Wash Street to the Rescue! For less than $2/lb., we pick up the pre-camp packables. Wash them and expertly fold them down to stacking size, and bag them for easy packing We deliver these items back to you in time for camp. After camp, just leave the dirty duffles or trunks for us and we'll pick up, wash, fold and return to you in pre-camp condition! 

Go to our website now and schedule your Camp Laundry (you can choose dates for anytime this summer).